High performance

Electric bikes

Our mission

When we first saw the E-bikes evolving we immidiately saw the potential for future high performance E-bikes for the market.

Since then we have developed our own E-bikes together with our partner. Our products fully deliver on power, performance and reliability.

We are bringing a new type of bike to the market, a bike that is not a regular bike with a battery and motor but instead a truly powerful electric offroad vehicle that is suited for our terrain that excel offroad! Our new model is EU homologated in L1e category as 45 km/t and 25 km/t for road use.

Let us at Varg take you to places that you previously though were impossible to reach!

Our bikes in action

  • 35 years experience in the motorcycle industry
  • Experienced partner focused on quality and performance.
  • We care about our products and customers!

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    Varg Trading AS


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